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america destroys muslims

Dismembering Pakistan again: Baluchistan factor

(Jews and Hindus-hired Rep. Rohrabacher conspires against the Muslim World)

Posted. 03/01/2012.   



-         Another champion of oppressed and occupied is born. He is Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California.

-         Dismemberment of Indonesia, Sudan, and   Pakistan is a well-thought plan by the America-led anti-Muslim Axis of Hindus, Jews, and Christians. Rep. Rohrabacher is one of the water-carriers of anti-Muslim Axis.

-         First Christian Crusade that started in 1096 has not ended. Where is Muslim Spain? Where is Muslim Bharat? Where is Turkish Khlafat? Muslims were part of the sovereign Millat wherever they lives before the Christian crusades. Today, anti-Muslim Axis rules almost entire Muslim World either directly or indirectly by leaders like Zardari of Pakistan.   

-         Anti-Muslim American leadership, if Baluchis are a nation and deserve self-determination, what about  the self-determination of 220 million Dilate nation, 200 million Muslim nation, 20 million Sikh nation, fifty million Christian nation, Mezzo nation, Naga nation, and Assami nation etc. in the Hindu-occupied Bharat. Anti-Muslim American leadership, if Baluchis are a nation and deserves self-determination, what about the self-determination of Dravidian nation of Southern Bharat?

-         A Jew predicts the dismemberment of Pakistan: Pakistan is a weaker and weaker state year by year. Pakistan will be stable for at least five years.  Pakistan with 200 nuclear weapons -- plus a terrorist production factory is a danger to everybody … Dismemberment of Pakistan and Stephen Cohen,

-         Jewish Stephen Cohen is not blind; he is a Jew. Therefore, he cannot see Jews are targeting 68-70 different cities in the world, including cities in every Arab country in the Middle East, 200 atomic mines, and activation of nuke three times. [1]   

-         Pakistanis and the Muslims of the world, see the real face of America. It is the worst human butcher in the history. Word friendship does not exist in its dictionary.  Proof? Here it is. In World War 11, America is the ally of the Soviet Union and enemy of Germany. Total butchery is seventy millions human beings. Out of seventy million, Russian share is 35 million. Why?  Note what a friend of like America did to Russians. “If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many possible.” Jewish Harry S. Truman, grandson of Jewish Solomon. [2]

-         To see the real-face of anti-Muslim Bharat, please visit seven-part series, secret documents Kashmir.
- Bomb Tel Aviv and Delhi and then watch how many homegrown Hindu and  Jewish terrorists mushroom
- Understanding between Saudi Arabia and Iran is necessary to save the Muslim World from the anti-Muslim forces led by the United States
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 Jafar Syed      

M.A. LL.B.

Researcher – International Affairs

New York


Rep. Rohrabacher, champion of the exploited, oppressed and occupied, Chairman of the House and Foreign Affairs Committee on Oversight and Investigation, feels the pain of the exploited, oppressed, and occupied Baluchi nation. He declares that  Baluchi nation has a historic right to self-determination and own sovereign country; it is subject to violence and extrajudicial killings; Punjabi  and Pashtun elites in Islamabad subject and exploit the Baluchi nation; and the irony is that champion of human rights America is financing and arming the oppressors in Islamabad.


Washington, Feb 17-Today, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) introduced a House Concurrent Resolution that the Baluchi nation has a historic right to self-determination. Baluchistan is currently divided between Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan with no sovereign rights of its own. In Pakistan especially, the Baluchi people are subjected to violence and extrajudicial killing. The bill states that the Baluchi people “have the right to self-determination and to their own sovereign country; and they should be afforded the opportunity to choose their own status.”

“The Baluchi, like other nations of people, have an innate right to self-determination,” says Rohrabacher. “The political and ethnic discrimination they suffer is tragic and made more so because America is financing and selling arms to their oppressors in Islamabad.

“Historically Baluchistan was an independently governed entity known as the Baluch Khanate of Kalat which came to an end after invasions from both British and Persian armies. An attempt to regain independence in 1947 was crushed by an invasion by Pakistan. Today the Baluchistan province of Pakistan is rich in natural resources but has been subjugated and exploited by Punjabi and Pashtun elites in Islamabad, leaving Baluchistan the country’s poorest province.

(R-IA) have also signed on as original co-sponsors of the bill.

Rep. Rohrabacher is Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.”[3]


Jews and Hindus-hired American ruling elite proves its hypocritical nature whenever it talks about self-determination, exploitation, subjugation, and occupation of nations. It proves that it has two standards: one for Hindus and Jews and one for Muslims.


How many times could Rep. Rohrabacher dare to talk about the occupation of Muslim Palestine and Muslim Kashmir by Jews and Hindus?  How many times could Rep. Rohrabacher dare to talk about the subjugation, murders, exploitation, dehumanization of the occupied Palestinians and Kashmiris? How many times could Rep. Rohrabacher dare to challenge the American ruling elite for financing and arming the Jews and Hindus occupiers of the Muslim Palestine and Muslim Kashmir? How many times could Rep. Rohrabacher dare to claim that Palestinians and Kashmiris are nations?  


Rep. Rohrabacher knows that historian, former speaker of the House of Representatives, presidential candidate Newt Gingrich claims that occupied Palestinians are “invented people.”      


Question before the Muslim world is this that when will the dismemberment of the Muslim World end? How many more city-states will anti-Muslim Axis create? Is dismemberment of Sudan is not enough? Is dismemberment of Indonesia is not enough? Is dismemberment of Pakistan in 1970s is not enough. Will Pakistan be dismembered again? Is dismemberment of Turkey in World War 1 is not enough. Is end of Muslim sovereignty in Bharat is not enough? Is end of Muslim sovereignty in Spain is not enough?  Or is it not a fact that first Crusade, which started in 1096, is still humiliating the Muslim World. Is subjugation of Muslims from Afghanistan to Yemen through Zardari like hired leaders is not enough?



1.        Avrohom Shmuel Lewin, Why Is P.M. Rabin Afraid? Israel’s nukes ready for action. Could wipe out all enemy countries, The Jewish Press, 02/10/1994.

2.        John J. Mearsheimer, The Tragedy of Great Power’s Politics.

3.        PRESS RELEASE*** Rohrabacher Introduces Bill Recognizing Baluchistan's Right to Self-Determination.



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